Sound & Spirit Healing Retreats 2022

"Healing through the Ancient ways and rhythms of Nature within the Sacred Wheel of Life”


Your hosts, Greta Hough and Three Trees, have combined their Medicine to create a unique experience rich with love, connection, integration and ceremony. These retreats are intimate groups where you engage in activities that foster inner reflection, healing, and deepening your connection to Self, Nature and Spirit. 

The retreats take place on their magical property,

Bear Creek Farm, in The Berkshires of Massachusetts.

The property includes a large ceremonial fire pit, a 44 ft. Medicine Wheel, wooded hillside and abundant, spring-fed creeks.  Come unwind, reset, reinvent, and expand with a weekend filled with the powerful medicine of Peruvian, Native American and other indigenous healing traditions and wisdom, integrated with contemporary healing modalities.

During each retreat, explore and experience:

  • the healing aspects of vibration and frequency through Shamanic and contemporary sound healing

  • Peruvian Ayni Despacho ceremony: bringing balance and harmony in relationships

  • fire ceremonies for releasing, manifesting & honoring

  • Shamanic drumming techniques and sacred chants

  • Medicine Wheel teachings: The Medicine Wheel as a tool for spiritual connection, guidance, insights, harmony & balance

  • deeper levels of understanding energy and consciousness

  • Sweat Lodge ceremony

  • Energy Medicine session work

  • the transmission of 2 of the Peruvian Munay Ki Rites: (These Rites are energetic transmissions that help facilitate healing within ourselves and those around us. This includes the healing of our past as well as our karmic and inheritance from our genes. These Rites help to “upgrade” our energy body, our luminous field, working with our chakra system helping us access the Earthkeeper within. They have been passed down by the Ancient Wisdomkeepers from the high Andes of Peru, and are a gift we receive to foster wellness and harmony.)

Sound & Spirit EAST direction- Clarity – Wisdom – Illumination

April 22nd, 23rd, & 24th

Additional Medicine inside this direction:

  • healing the “wounded child within” meditation & ceremony

  • ancestral healing through lineage work

  • East direction Medicine Wheel ceremony

  • breakthroughs around “Listening” and Perspective in our relationships

  • transmission of 2 Peruvian Munay Ki Rites: Wisdomkeeper & Seer Rites


Sound & Spirit SOUTH direction- Growth – Trust – Love

June 17th, 18th, & 19th (Summer Solstice)

Additional Medicine inside this direction:

  • healing and integrating the “young adult within” sound meditation & ceremony

  • Soul Retrieval/Reclaiming personal power

  • breakthroughs around limiting beliefs

  • South direction Medicine Wheel ceremony

  • Soul sand paintings

  • transmission of 2 Peruvian Munay Ki Rites:  Healer & Harmony Rites


Sound & Spirit WEST direction- Experience – Introspection – Strength

Sept. 9th, 10th, & 11th

Additional Medicine inside this direction:

  • healing and integrating the “mature adult within” sound meditation & ceremony

  • Shadow Work

  • the Roles we play

  • Group Toning

  • West direction Medicine Wheel ceremony

  • Water ceremony

  • transmission of 2 Peruvian Munay Ki Rites:  Bands of Protection & Starkeepers Rites


Sound & Spirit NORTH direction- Cleansing – Renewal – Purity

Nov. 11th, 12th, & 13th

Additional Medicine inside this direction:

  • integrating “the Elder” within meditation & ceremony

  • Relationship Wheels project & ceremony

  • North direction Medicine Wheel ceremony

  • Earth ceremony

  • balancing the Masculine/Feminine energies within

  • transmission of 2 Peruvian Munay Ki Rites:  Earthkeeper & Daykeeper Rites

Self-investment:  $695.  All retreats include 5 organic meals. Lodging is not included.

Contact for more information to register for these special events!

Facilitator Bios:

Greta Hough, Educator, Shamanic Practitioner, & Creator of The Alchemy Wheel, Course for Teens & Adults


A master English teacher and instructional coach, Greta has been in the field of education for over 20+ years. She has focused on the social and emotional well-being of her students, colleagues, and families, centering much of her work around Restorative Practices, “repairing the harm” and restoring relationships in and outside the classroom.  Greta is the creator of a wellness curriculum called The Alchemy Wheel, where she works with both teens and adults, helping facilitate deep growth and change. After studying with The Four Winds Society, Alberto Villoldo’s school for Energy medicine, she was certified as a practitioner, working with clients on many levels.  Originally from Philadelphia, Greta has worked with schools and clients from both the East coast and Southwest, where she offers innovative workshops, retreats and trainings.  She now resides in Becket, Massachusetts with her partner, Three Trees, and their dog, Marley Bear.


Three Trees, Teacher, Musician, Craftsman, Sound Healing Practitioner & creator of SoulMonic™ Sound Healing

Three Trees, (a name given during a vision quest over 20yrs. ago and now his legal name) is a Healer, Teacher, Musician, Artist, and Creator of SoulMonic™ Sound Healing. This unique style of sound healing integrates the sacred healing instruments and wisdom from many shamanic and indigenous traditions around the world. Known for his powerful group sound healing journeys, he uses a vast array of instruments, live looping and healing drum rhythms. Blending sound healing and a Shamanic journey, he alchemizes the ancient and contemporary techniques of vibrational healing, creating a space for a powerful and mystical experience. He is a lifetime musician with over 30yrs a student of the Mystic/Shamanic arts, over 20yrs as a sound healing practitioner and teacher, as well as a craftsman of drums, didgeridoos, and native flutes. Three Trees has a unique and profound understanding of the relationship between sound, rhythm, consciousness, healing energy, and Sacred connection. His joyful passion and Divine service is to share his wisdom and sonic medicine experience through his Sound Healing journeys, workshops/trainings, retreats and speaking engagements. Born and raised in Michigan before living in Sedona AZ for 16yrs, Three Trees now resides in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts.